About me

It’s time for you to meet the person behind the screen. Get introduced to Richard Miles, age of 36, a poker player and lover. He is the one and only author that created the content of this website for Holdem passionate players who’d like to get introduced to the secrets of this strategic table game. However, with some luck and help from all the lovers Richard hopes to expand the content of this small, personal project and gather information about poker in general, and especially Holdem.

The articles are dedicated especially to the new players that hadn’t experienced too much in this sense and are willing to learn the basic rules, strategies, and other relevant Holdem related information, but also to those who are passionate about this type of card game and who’d like to simply learn more, or even contribute with feedback and relevant facts about poker.

Richard’s love for Holdem gives him hope to learn more about this game of skill both by practice and by analyzing both his own and other players’ experiences. All his researches would result in his personal collection of articles and poker conclusions, which he’ll gladly share with you here.

This passionate poker player is hoping to find volunteers to help him write down poker related facts, tips, tournament and competitions info, that would help him develop his personal skills and, why not, others as well. Feel free to wonder trough this portal and see his thoughts!